OMNICYCLES makes it easy for you to follow the astrological tendencies of your future in graph form - find out when you can expect to be lucky in love, finances, social life, and more... and also see how long any unfortunate periods will last.

You'll be preparing your first graphs in minutes, even if you know nothing at all about astrology!

To order OMNICYCLES 2.0 "Lifelines" right now, simply do the following:

1) Read and agree to the terms and conditions
2) Fill out important ordering information
3) Send purchase price, using Paypal.

1) Terms and Conditions:

I would like to place an order for OMNICYCLES, Version 2.0, "Lifelines". I have already downloaded and installed the demo version on my system. I understand and agree to the following:

1) I know that when I order OMNICYCLES LIFELINES, I am purchasing a registration number which will activate the program's most special feature: the ability to prepare predictive astrology graphs for the future, either for myself, or for anyone else. I have the right to do as many graphs as I wish with the program, and also to sell the graphs to clients or customers. All proceeds earned from such sales will be entirely mine to keep.

2) Should I have two computers (for example, a desktop and a laptop), I may request, and will receive, registration numbers for both of them. In addition, whenever I purchase a new computer to replace one of my two others, I have the right to request, and receive, a registration number for the new computer also.

3) I understand that astrological predictions deal with probabilities, not with certainties. In the case of Omnicycles, I will be able to view the tendencies of my future - that is, when certain types of trends are more likely to occur, not when they definitely will occur; I realize that complete predictive certainty is beyond the capability of astrology, psychology, medicine, economics, clairvoyance, meteorology, quantum physics, and many other areas.

4) My purchase includes free updates for any newer versions which you may prepare during the first three years after the date of purchase.

5) In addition, I will be entitled to free and always friendly technical support by email.

2) Important Ordering Information:

READ THIS! About the "code number" field: after installing the demo version, if you open the "Registration" option (to be found at the top of the main menu), you will find a "code number" that is specific to your computer. When ordering the full version, simply type this code number into the corresponding field below on this page. I will use this number to generate your registration number, that I will then send to you via email. After that, you will be able to take advantage of the full power of Omnicycles!

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3) Send payment - $197 U.S. - through Paypal. Click here to go to Paypal now.
When transferring funds, use this email address to identify us:

Once I receive your order information, and also the payment, I will prepare your registration number, and email it to you along with easy-to-follow instructions. Since I deal with each order personally, it might take a number of hours for me to respond: I live in Japan, and due to the time difference, I may be asleep when your order comes in, but in such a case, you'll hear from me as soon as I get up!

Should you have any questions or doubts, either before or after you place an order, don't hesitate to write. You'll find that we give you excellent service, as well as friendly and prompt tech support.

  Enjoy Omnicycles! And as always, I welcome your feedback. You can write me at: