"Astrology and Love - Finding Your best Times for Roamnce and Sex" by David Bolton

Wouldn't it be nice to know what the future holds for you in the areas of Love, Romance and Sex? My new book will show you how can find out for yourself!

   Did you ever wonder why at some times luck seems to be smiling at you where love is concerned, while at other times, the only "luck" that comes your way is of the very worst kind? For example…

   During one week you meet someone who seems to be just your type, and who likes you, too - or perhaps you even meet two or three such people!

Yet during another period of your life, no matter what you do, you can't find anyone who will give you so much as a second look.

   Or perhaps you've been invited to a party, and want to know how likely it is that you will meet someone you might be able to fall in love with - or at least, someone who will add spice to your sex life for a while!

   We've all asked ourselves questions like these, and we've all been through both good bad phases in our love lives, so I'm sure you can identify with what I'm saying.

    I’m David Bolton. I have been an astrologer for over thirty years now, and am the author of “Astrology and Love – Finding your best Times for Romance and Sex”.

   As mysterious as the “waxing and waning” in your love life may seem to be, the truth is that astrology offers a clear explanation for why we go through both lucky, and unlucky times in romance, love and sex.

   By comparing the planetary positions on a particular day, or throughout a certain week or month, you can get a peek into the tendencies of your future - and naturally, this includes the ever-so-important areas of love, romance and sex.

   I'm not talking about "sun sign astrology" here. I'll tell you plainly that the typical newspaper columns that claim to be able to “predict your future” using only your sun sign are not even worth reading, since any "hits" they might seem to achieve are purely coincidence. Basing any astrological interpretation on merely a person's sun sign is doomed to fail, as any serious astrology will tell you.

   To really use astrology in your life, you must first calculate your entire Natal Chart - a map of all the planetary positions on the day, and at the hour, of your birth.

   Then, using your Natal Chart as a basis, you can go on to discover when the planets are in your favor during certain periods of your life - today, this week, next week, in three months, or even five, ten, or more years from now.

   If you've already downloaded the free version of Omnicycles software from this site, you know that it allows you to calculate, and print out, as many Natal Charts as you want. In addition, you can view the planetary positions for any particular day in the future using the free version of the software.

   But if you are not an astrologer, how can you use the information the charts display to know when your love life will improve, and when it will be best to "lie low", due to unfortunate planetary influences? True, you could always purchase the complete version of Omnicycles, since it quickly and easily shows you the future tendencies in many areas of your life, including love. But maybe you don’t wish to make such an investment right now, or else you simply want to be able to understand how to make your own predictions, using the tools of astrology.

   That's where my new book can be of great help.

   In "Astrology and Love - Finding the best times for Romance and Sex", I will take you by the hand and lead you step-by step through the process of discovering the so-called "transits" that play a great role in shaping the tendencies of your future, in those most exciting of areas: love, romance and sex.

The future trends of your love life need no longer be a mystery to you - and for only $9.95!

“In Astrology and Love”, you will learn…

- how to read a Natal Chart

- how to easily and precisely locate the planets in your chart, or in that of anyone else.

- how to compare the planetary positions on any date in your life with those of your Natal Chart, in order to see which tendencies predominate at that time.

- how to interpret the planetary transits that have the strongest effect in shaping your love life.

   Is Pluto passing over your Venus right now? Then you'd better get ready for some intense issues in your love/sex life during these months!

   Is Saturn now 90 degrees from your Mars? Then don't be surprised if no matter what you do during the next couple of weeks, your romantic overtures are rejected by that special someone.

   Is the Moon now at an angle of 120 degrees from your Venus? Then the next hour or so could be a great time to flirt, or even to ask someone out on a date, since he/she will be more open to you right now.

   After reading this book, doing astrological interpretations will no longer be something mysterious, or difficult - you will soon find it easy to track the planetary influences in your life, and will finally be able to understand why your love life has those inevitable "ups and downs". But more importantly, you will actually see when you will be able to enjoy the "ups", and when it's time to brace yourself for the "downs"!

   One of the great things about astrology is that it lets us know how long certain phases in our lives will last. For instance, you may now be depressed, due to a break-up with a love partner. Maybe you feel that you'll be depressed forever and ever. Of course, this is not true. Using astrology, you will most likely be able to see how long the really bad phase will last, and when you can expect to have better times.

   Believe me: knowing how long a bad phase is going to last can be of enormous help in dealing with those emotionally “down” phases that everybody experiences at some time or another!

   "Astrology and Love - Finding the best times for Romance and Sex" will also be fascinating for those of you who are already into astrology, since the chapters on interpretation will give you added insight into how the planetary transits can shape your own love life, or that of your friends, family, clients...

   If you can hardly wait to discover the trends of your future in the areas of romance, love and sex, then this book is for you!

Discover the future trends of your love life -
this book shows you how!

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